Our Goal

Our selling point for fleet maintenance is making it painless and seamless for the customer. The goal for the fleet customer is being proactive vs reactive. We manage, complete, and track regular PM services to minimize avoidable downtime that is caused by lacking or improper maintenance schedule. We create a tailored solution for each customer to meet scheduling, budget, and equipment needs/requirements.

Our Total Truck Care team are also approved vendors with various 3rd party fleet management companies such as ARI/Holman, EmKay, Premier Truck Group Fleet Services, and more.

What can we do for your truck or semi?

We'll go above and beyond to make sure that you're ready for the road. When you bring your truck or semi to us, we can:

Perform oil changes
Check and top off fluid levels
Inspect the brakes and lights
Replace faulty parts
Make any necessary repairs

To learn more about our maintenance services, connect with us at 704-914-7707 now. We're happy to go over any questions or concerns you have.

We Maintain and Services Issues Related to:


The steering system is responsible for providing vehicle control, safety, driver comfort, tire life, and fuel efficiency. Much of this is obvious regarding control and safety. What if you could save money by having your equipment moving efficiently by prolonging tire life, and saving fuel by having a properly aligned and maintained steering system? You can also reduce driver fatigue with properly operating power steering systems.


HVAC system is crucial to driver comfort. Many drivers are spending days or weeks in their equipment. You want your HVAC system in your equipment to work as well as you would your home. It allows your drivers to work and sleep comfortably. We have the knowledge and equipment to maintain and repair all HVAC systems including APV's. We can keep your drivers cold in the summer and warm in the winter.


Lights out? Window won't roll down? Truck won't start? Newer equipment can have upwards of 10 different computers and thousands of feet of wiring controlling everything. Without the proper technical info, software, and training, days or even weeks can be lost to wiring issues. Let us get you moving faster by allowing our experts to tackle all of your electrical repair needs.


Avoid rejected loads and violations by letting us maintain your trailer, brakes, lights, suspension, floor, welding and more. Keep you and your customers investments protected with proper trailer maintenance.

Lift gate

We offer PM and repair services for all liftgate makes and models whether installed on straight trucks, box, trucks, or trailers. We have you covered.

Pre-purchase inspections

Thinking of purchasing new equipment? Many decide to buy pre-owned equipment to reduced upfront costs but aren't sure what a good buy looks like. Schedule with us to complete a thorough pre-purchase inspection. We do a physical inspection of the entire unit to check for any current or potential defects, this allows you to make a confident informed decision on your potential investment.


Suspension is often the most neglected maintenance item. Semi-truck and trailer combinations can reach gross vehicle weights of 80,000 pounds or more. The suspension is critical in supporting the load and distributing it to allow proper braking, turning, and accelerations. This allows a safe and comfortable ride. If not properly maintained, hard parts can be severely damaged, rapidly wear tires, and cause an overall rough driving experience. Keep your equipment and driver safe and comfortable moving down the road by allowing us to maintain your suspension system.